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At Lea Tea Designs, we believe that a successful project goes beyond getting the job done. There’s more to it than that! We handle our projects with care from start to finish – the first coffee should taste as great as the finished website or logo looks.

To ensure each client’s project is managed effectively, we employ the use of our Think, Create, Evolve methodology. This has been outlined below.


The Think phase consists of thoroughly planning the project ahead. Each and every aspect of the project is thought through and approved by both Bergan Blue and the client. We consider this to be the most important phase in any project. It is important that both parties are committed to the exercise at hand and that our clients understand they will play a major role in their project.

During this phase we will meet with you and go over each and every detail of your creative, from what pages you want on your new website, to what other brands and companies inspire you. Once we know exactly what your business needs, we will put together a Project Proposal for you to go over. The Proposal will detail exactly what we plan to do for you, what it should do for your business, as well as exact costs and a timing schedule.

During the Think phase we also require any information we might need from you to get the project started, such as any images or copy you may want to include in the creative. This ensures we are completely prepared for the stages ahead.


The Create phase is about bringing your ideas to life. It’s about designing a logo, developing a website or programming an application. This phase includes the Design Stage of the project in which you will see a draft website or receive concepts of your new logo or business card. The Create phase is essentially the visual phase of your project.

Once the Design Stage has finished, we move onto Production. This involves making your creative ‘work’ – this means coding your website, making your online store process payments, or converting your graphic design project into various print-ready formats.


The Evolve phase involves the conclusion of the project and moves on to forming a long-term relationship. Long term business relationships play an important part to a businesses’ success and we firmly believe in establishing such a relationship with each and every one of our clients.

To further help build long-lasting relationships with our clients, we have put together referral and reward programs, and offer our clients benefits such as free advertising in our eNewsletter and free listings in our Business Directory.

Applying the Think Create Evolve methodology to your project is key to producing a successful and an effective creative. It is the well developed processes and systems that we have in place that will ensure that you receive exactly what you’re after – every single time.

We also strive to ensure that you’re never left in the dark. At Bergan Blue, you’ll always know how your project is progressing. Each and every project includes the following as standard:

  • Weekly Status Updates – each and every week, you’ll receive an email giving you an update on how your project is progressing.
  • Phone and Email Support – having problems getting a file to us? Have a question or suggestion about your project? Just give us a call. We’re always around and always happy to talk.

Why have your website or marketing collateral designed by someone who hasn’t even bothered to put in place the support services you need to ensure things are moving exactly how you want them to?

Trust us when we say you’re in good hands.


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